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Hi I am Tasvir, I am a TOP RATED Contractor on Upwork and a Level Two Seller on Fiverr. I am a WordPress professional and specialize in Thrive Architect or Thrive Themes, Elementor & Slider Revolution. I have 200+ Five Star Reviews on Fiverr and a 100% Job Success score on Upwork. Please scroll down and view more about me.

Some Dominating Facts about WordPress

  • 30% of the whole World's Websites are powered by WordPress
  • 75 million websites are currently using WordPress
  • 50,000 new WordPress Websites are made daily
  • 1.5 million active stores are powered by WooCommerce
  • WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use

Who are WordPress Pros?

WordPress pros are normal people like yourself, but they have a very strong grasp of WordPress. What may take to you hours or even days to get done, may take them minutes, if not seconds. They are not necessarily coders, but do have some concepts about HTML, CSS and PHP to edit codes. They can build beautiful looking websites using popular page builders quickly, solve various WordPress issues which might rise. They will save you massive amounts of time- and you know time is money! Oh, another thing I forgot to mention, My name is Tasvir Mahmood and I AM A WORDPRESS PRO!

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Fiverr & Upwork are two of the biggest freelancing websites. You can easily hire me on one of these platforms, your money will be safe 100%, they will be stored in escrow. Only you can release the payments when you are fully satisfied with the work that I will deliver.

  • Best for Hiring me for Long term
  • Arrangements for hourly payments
  • Milestones to break down big projects
  • Payments stored in escrow, and only you can realease it
  • Ability to rate contractors accordingly
  • Best for Short and small projects as low as $10
  • Timer for each project ensures quick delivery
  • Revision system so that you get the proper work
  • Payment stored in Fiverr, released upon buyer satisfaction
  • Ability to rate sellers accordingly

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