Education is Everything?

Ever since I was growing up I was told that education is everything, education is life. You must get 90% or above in all your exams. I also used to think like that, I used to study extremely hard! I hardly used to enjoy, went to movies, hung out with friends, never played any sports and what not. I thought that if I study hard I will be rich, then I will be able to enjoy my life the fullest.

But after I graduated from University with a high CGPA, I thought that I would be handed a job due to my good results. But I was dead wrong, I applied to more than 300 to 400 jobs, asked to for jobs with salaries below 15000 takas (187 dollars) per month! I was angry and frustrated at my parents for lying to me, that education will solve everything. I was nothing but an unemployed educated young man.

After realizing the bitter truth, I started to learn new skills at my own expense. I came to realize that it does not matter how educated you are, you need to learn how to use that education. I learned web development and web design, I learned WordPress. I started to bid for jobs in freelancing websites like Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, People Per Hour and Fivesquid as a WordPress expert. After one month of trying, I got a job at Upwork and earned over $350 in my first project. I found a new way to look at things. If you want to learn new things, please do not go for education, just buy an online course from Udemy. Save your time, energy and money. Universities nowadays in Bangladesh are only about business, they shove down a ton of theories down the student’s throat. Bunch of exams, assignments, and presentation. Please do not be like me, enjoy your life, play, pray, get married as early as possible.


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