The Power of WordPress

If you ask an absolute beginner who does not have any idea about web development that what is WordPress? What do you think they would say? In my case when I was browsing through Upwork jobs about three years ago and when I saw the name WordPress, I thought that it’s probably a word processor like MS Word. That’s what the name suggests right? Word + Press = WordPress. Now, if you ask a person who has slight knowledge on the web development, who has just started to learn web development. They would say “meh…. it’s just a software with which you can make websites”, on the other hand, some so called “know it all” would say that WordPress is bad, is awful etc. I used to think like them too, but now my mindset has changed.

In the year 2016, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I applied to more than 300 jobs with no response. I got called for an interview out of 300, it was for the post of “Sales Engineer”. I had high expectations from them, but they offered me a salary of only 15,000 takas per month, which is only about 187 dollars per month.

I knew this kind of low paying job was going to do nothing but ruin my life. So did a training called “Top-Up IT Web Development”, they taught me HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. After doing the course I was still not skilled enough that I could use all these different skills altogether to make a website. Simply meaning, I could not deliver an end product for which I will get paid for. My trainer who was a web developer himself said: “WordPress is easy, I will teach you WordPress within one hour”. Unfortunately, his WordPress lesson was garbage. But I knew WordPress is important and there is a great demand for WordPress in the freelancing market.

So I did another course named “Advanced WordPress Development”. There they focused mainly on how you can use WordPress to deliver an end product like a full website. I was amazed by WordPress, I used to need one hour or more to code a menu bar using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and that too with lots of errors. But with WordPress, I needed only five minutes! After doing the course I made my first website using WordPress called “Tasvir’s Chemistry Help“. My friends and families loved it, one of my friends even asked me to make a website for him called FeedMe. After that, I made several gigs on Fiverr as a WordPress service provider. I sold my first gig for $40. I got a huge WordPress project on Upwork worth over $350. Other projects followed and I earned over $500 only using WordPress. Now you see how important is WordPress! Next time you talk about WordPress, show some respect. Try to learn how to use WordPress and deliver the end product to get paid. Time is money, WordPress saves time, meaning it saves money.

I hope you have understood what I meant to say, I hope all of you have a very nice day!



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